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Dadaoism (2)

My real-time review continued from here: DADAOISM – a new anthology from Chômu Press

8 ‘Timelines’, by Nina Allan
“The facts are nothing but a bunch of components, springs and gears and linchpins, stuff like that. The writer’s job is to construct something from them,…” …as, too, the process of an anthology or any collection of stories within single book covers – a gestalt from the leitmotifs, — or, here, from the timemotifs or timepieces (literally as well as figuratively). An engaging, almost relievedly intermissional, story that meta-echoes the synchronised shards of random truth and fiction or story-within-a-story in ‘Autumn Jewel’ – and the developing ‘selves’ therefrom, adumbrating a female writer’s life-long development ‘over time’ (again literally as well as figuratively), in interface with her blood-linked progenitors, her ‘free’ relationships and her created fictions. Isis’ dance as a reversed dance or a dance-as-thing-rather-than-its movements (jeweled or otherwise). Meantime, I think I am slowly creating for myself a definition of the word ‘Dadaoism’ with the help of Allan’s “cutters, finishers and escapement makers and pinchbeck welders…” and foregoing. (15 May 12 – 2.50 pm bst (British Summer Time as unreversed Greenwich Mean Time))

9 ‘Jimmy Breaks up with His Imaginary Girlfriend’, by Jimmy Grist (( With Bubble-Thanks to Collette ))
“…chipping my way through the corpus callosum like some cerebral Shackleton.”
A parthenogenetic conundrum: the imaginary friend or the imaginary friend’s imaginary friend within a narrative circle. Magic Fiction as opposed to Magic Realism in enticing action. At one moment reminding me of an adventure holiday on the Moon utilising something like a children’s multi-coloured dive-pool of pingpongs or an extreme paint-ball game or South Pole role-playing game biologically lit - the next a RomCom or ChickLit mixed with “simulated drowning“. Parthenogenesis, indeed, complete with late-labelling. That zeroist / dadaoist sphere of reality “gyrating around all sorts of axes,…” And “he looks at his watch” as we readers move on with the torch on his behalf…or so I infer. And exactly like Coraline earlier, “might as well be called Collette for the purposes of narration.” Gigi whizz! (15 May 12 – 8.00 pm bst)
Cf. Grist's "corpus callosum" with Paisley's "corpus" and "nerf sphere". (8.30 pm)

10 ‘Body Poem’, by Peter Gilbert
“Sometimes he recalled it as being Rebecca, other times as Elizabeth, Betsy, or even Brenda. Such details were unimportant,…” …like Coraline and Collette earlier in their own nemonymous nights…? Indeed, this inspiringly substantive story about Paul Obern – a poet of poems writ on or in flesh [cf: an obliquely or vaguely collaborative connective work of mine published in the past] – seems to radiate many overlapping themes that preoccupy me over the years. One example is Wimsatt’s Intentional Fallacy, with considerations of what is valid in Aesthetic judgement derivable from an artists’s autobiography and inferred from any biographical backstory, say, of sexual exploits (here germane to the very production of the art itself as ‘borne’ (obern) upon bodies!). This comes to the stunning eventuality of the art itself escaping and selling itself! And, also, the artist trying to make himself feel depressed, so as to fit the image of the depressive artist! A second example is digitisation, ebooks and “e-mail“ (obern = e-born): and the image evoked of text as living in its medium (each medium massaging a new meaning or message): here flesh rather than ether or paper. Digital – dig it? Digging sometimes to hurtful degrees. At least with ebooks one can blow up the print for poor eyesight. Obern once had “to write as small as possible” for which “a magnifying glass is required.” And this book’s text, meantime, saps any diminishing residues along my own optic fuse. Anyway, Obern’s ‘autobiography’ is akin to the development of Allan’s timepiece writer earlier and the grandparental influence upon her etc. Peter Gilbert’s work is an enjoyably thought-provoking, skin-pricking story. [Also: compare Marc Laidlaw's Diane Arbus Suicide Portfolio with Gilbert's Diane Aquino?] ”As Lucinda Obern became more and more fascinated with blank space…“: or reaching out for a “Dada“ism to wrap around a cone zero…? And, btw, my real-time reviews are already legendary, not simply ‘almost legendary’. : ) (16 May 12 – 1.20 pm bst)

11 ‘Testing Spark’, by Daniel Mills
“A world in readiness: all awaits the Tester’s Spark, the nudge of the First Mover.”
[Today* happens to be the very day when the Olympic flame (the 2012 Olympic Torch shown on the left) officially passes from the hands of the Greeks to the 'London 2012' group (how ironic bearing in mind the cataclysmic repercussions of the catastrophic Greek Politics at the moment and our fears in UK of financial contagion!)] This story has this essence of a torch-bearing, flame-transferring trope mingled with, I guess, religious Eucharist wafers within a ’Machine Stops’ (EM Forster’s 1909 Internet story) type ’factory’ scenario where the Web moves “vers la flamme” (the title of a piece of music by one of my favourite composers, Scriabin (explicitly mentioned in this story by name), whose music I have loved more than most other music for many years). As well as the unrequited love aspect that is in tune with the rest of this book, this story harvests some of the music-steeped cosmotechniks of the Isis story while being briefly seasoned with Lovecraft references. The story also stands wonderfully on its own as a work I shall need to re-read in the future to ensure I have fully understood its vision. “He returns to his workstation and settles into his chair. He glances at the computer clock.” (16 May 12 – 7.00pm bst)

*In fact, the actual ceremony is today in Greece where David Beckham, Boris Johnson, the Princess Royal et al collect the Greek flame and, via torches that look like the design of words on this book’s cover, bring it back to us in the UK – without there being any quarantine for the flame whatsoever, I note! [ I also confirm, as is stated on Wikipedia, that I was instrumental in forming the Zeroist Group at Lancaster University in 1967 (for which group a University grant was received). One of the group's manifesto aims was a sort of belief regarding Dadaism, i.e. bringing Art back to zero or 0 - and starting off in an unknown new direction. O the idealism of youth!] (17 May 12 – 7.45 am bst)


12 ‘Noises’, by Joe Simpson Walker

13 ‘Romance, with Mice’, by Sonia Orin Lyris

14 ‘Grief (The Autobiography of a Tarantula)’, by Jesse Kennedy

15 ‘Orange Cuts’, by Paul Jessup

16 ‘Instance’, by John Cairns

17 ‘Kago Ai’, by Ralph Doege

18 ‘Fighting Back’, by Rhys Hughes

19 ‘Nowhere Room’, by Kristine Ong Muslim

20 ‘Koda Kumi’, a Justin Isis re-mix of ‘Italiannetto’ by Quentin S. Crisp

21 ‘The Lobster Kaleidoscope’, by Julie Sokolow

22 ‘The Eaten Boy’, by Nick Jackson

23 ‘Poppies’, by Megan Lee Beals

24 ‘Abra Raven’, by D.F. Lewis

25 ‘Pissing in Barbican Lake’, by Jeremy Reed

26 ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicides’, by Jeremy Reed


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