Nemonymous (nemonymous) wrote,

The Fanblade Fables

The Fanblade Fables

posted Monday, 9 November 2009

Fanblade Fables - and Baffles.

Fanblade reference: an early pre-cursor of the Large Hadron Collider ... and its 'Cern Zoo' accoutrements?

Please see:

Some of those links are now defunct, but most work.

I'll try to find links to the missing ones in the meantime.

EDIT: Fanblade Five and Fanblade Seven don't work on that link above. I can't find Fanblade Five anywhere at all and I have discovered Fanblade Seven on my computer (now pasted below).

Fanblade Seven (2006)

Hiver Jawn cherished his father's bee-keeper's veil following the death of the child who was due to grow into Hiver Jawn's father.

A portrait kept by a ghost to commemorate another ghost straddles these potentialities of tangible existence destined to die prematurely before the portrait is painted. The likenesses were nevertheless perfect.

Parodices - the plural of paradox?

Too many things are singular.

Death, where are thy stings?

Is a fable that ends with a question honed purposively to its sharpest edge of fanblade, positively turned upon the lathe of didactic proverb, indeed finished?


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