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ONLY CONNECT - 1998 book

Short story collection
Paperback, £5.00
ISBN 0953379701

A paperback book (1998) as new:  ONLY CONNECT written, in collaboration, by DF Lewis (1948 - ) and his father Gordon Lewis (1922 - 2007).

It contains ten honestly strange and mostly ghostly tales.

"The result is an offbeat, metaphysical horror fiction that, like the work of AE Coppard, manages to seem old-fashioned and avant-garde at the same time ... The title suggests illumination; but the light of these stories only serves to remind us of the darkness outside."
- Joel Lane

"A weird and wonderful collection that I totally recommend."
- Tales of The Grotesque & Arabesque

"For those who've squinted and wondered at DF Lewis' sometimes impenetrable prose, he's demonstrated here that he can tell a coherent tale as well as the next writer."
- Allen Ashley

"Monumentally odd ... pick up this book and you risk being carried off to a netherworld of the unconscious."
- All Hallows

For ordering information please contact D.F. Lewis at

1. Weirdmonger left...
Wednesday, 15 July 2009 6:53 pm

Roger Pile on this book: "These stories have a rather lovely timelocked  feel, recalling an age when Boots had its own lending library and duffle  coats were (almost) fashionable. A number of scenic descriptions have a  dreamlike quality, like the postbox in A Trick of Dusk, especially when the  narrator imagines it in his garden with plants growing out of it."


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