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'Odalisque' by PF Jeffery (DFL's Comments)

Chapter 43 – Errands


Message-taking errands and much possibly gratuitous erotic corporal punishment, in this chapter, material so reprehensible whichever narrator is responsible should be suitably punished him- or herself, I reckon! :-0


Glad Miss Miles gets her come-uppance at the hands of Tuerqui but, as a humanist, I’m pleased to read in one of the footnotes she possibly has a happy married ending.


Something intriguing about this footnote:


[1] In fact, this is exactly the same as a speech Miss Miles is said to have made to Phoebe and Mary in Chapter 40. It is hard to believe that Lady Blanchet used exactly the same words. It is also hard to believe that Tuerqui was able to recall exactly what people had said when setting it down much later.


Lady Blanchet (described as the most degenerate woman in Lundin!) strikes me as a  Red Queen character. 


The references made to our heroine as ‘Princess Tuerqui’ and ‘princess and slave, whore and warrior’ are intriguing, too.


A maid asks to be punished for no obvious misdemeanour in this chapter: a new departure and one that certainly fits in with the tenor of this chapter.


Much political and military foreboding. Sylvia Sneak is dead. Redolent ending to the chapter in this light:


The training shed stank of the terror-stuck filth mortlings had evacuated – and of their blood, shed so that young women could acquire military skills. After a minute or two of silence, as we absorbed the idea that we were about to fight – and some of us would surely die – a girl dropped her sword with a loud clatter. Extending my left boot, I scraped the toe cap in a patch of sawdust, dark red with gore. The blade in my right hand felt heavier than usual.



Word docs of the actual chapters are freely available to readers of this blog.

The links to all Chapter comments by me are here: 



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