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'Odalisque' by PF Jeffery (DFL's comments on Chapter 29)

Chapter 29 – Unharnessing

A wonderful complex chapter – yet clear in its dark meaning. Loose Cannon (the awesome Lisa-Louise as (inter alios) striking roleplay-organiser supreme in the enticing maintenance of Lady Margaret as the slave Tuerqui) - plus spymaster, locksmith, medical prober, beautiful semen gatherers... Amid all this and back in her ostensibly rightful place with her father, Tuerqui almost grows up in our faces into a complex real ‘person’ that she always ‘threatened’ to become: spiritual, carnal, hedonistic, amoral (cf. Jane Turpin by Evadne Price), meek yet assertive, loyal (re her daughter Tuerquelle etc), pining for a pleasurable self-denial that she continues perhaps to deny as a desire within herself, often mysterious (to herself?), and yet more ‘pretexts and details’....

Just three passages re above:

One possibility was seeking pleasure with Barguin, another was prayer.

But did it never strike you that the wrappings are as important as the gift itself?

The frown would have halted the Princess Margaret of seven years before. Paradoxically, the experience of slavery seemed to have left me, in some respects, more assertive.

Two other passages I enjoyed (among many) in this probably first real humdinger chapter of classic mature Odalesquery (without typo or query, too!).

It was my first morning back in the Palace Victoria. Barguin had been assigned to my service the previous day, shortly after Lisa-Louise had finished taking stock of me. Barguin’s outward demeanour seemed to befit a slave – and her manner would certainly have satisfied the Lady Margaret of old. Tuerqui, by contrast, knew slavery sufficiently well to trace resentments stored from a brutal conclusion to my body slave’s years in personage.

Lisa-Louise had barely dismissed the other prospective semen gatherers, when Mrs Clay arrived, attended by three slaves. One – Drorer – carried a pencil and drawing pad, the other two – Fech and Carri – bore fabric samples. The housekeeper had a whip – longer and better made, I noticed, than the one I had used on her the previous day. In spite of regret over the whipping, I was momentarily annoyed that she had presented me with a lesser implement for her chastisement.

Loved this footnote, too:

The remarks of both physicians are nonsense. Neither hydrochlormasiac nor salmusion tetrathoride exist. There is no chromosome indicating genetic villainy, nor a gene of slavery. There are three possible interpretations of this passage:
1. The physicians spoke nonsense.
2. Tuerqui was unable to recall their remarks, and substituted something of her own invention.
3. Tuerqui here intended to satirise the physicians.
Possibly, all three interpretations are simultaneously correct.

Word docs of the actual chapters are freely available to readers of this blog.

The links to all Chapter comments by me are: HERE

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